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  • Baynote VUE landing page overview - A simple, self-service web application that puts automated merchandizing directly into your hands.
    Baynote VUE Landing Page
  • feature_web_Laundry-in-Louboutins_1
    Laundry in Louboutins lifestyle blog design
  • A Magento eCommerce integrated web development project for Soekris Engineering - manufacturer of networking computers and components.
    Soekris Engineering
  • Design and develop all characters, logos, icons and user interface screens for a new iPhone App called The Trap Game.
    The Trap Game
  • feature_web_Capitol_Hyundai_Ioniq
    Capitol Hyundai San Jose
  • feature_web_CTT_NEW
    CTT, Inc.
  • Develop Baynote customer success story landing page for Hayneedle complete with "Prezi" multimedia presentation.
    Baynote Customer Success Story
  • Web design for Tango Wave Satellite Uplink Amplifiers. Tango Wave is an up-and-coming global provider of Satellite Communications (SATCOM) power amplifiers.
    Tango Wave
  • Nokia Mobile Mojo Telecommunications Conference Booklet and Flash based web presentation.
    Nokia Mobile Mojo
  • Website development for KRYTAR Broadband Microwave - ultra broadband microwave components and test equipment for commercial and military applications.
    KRYTAR Broadband Microwave
  • feature_web_BTP_Digital_new
    BTP Digital Group
  • Develop new website for Call Center Classifieds intended to become the new leader in the recruitment industry for national and international call centers.
    Call Center Classifieds