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This outline is for logo design and development, and yes this form seems rather long, but this is intended to gather as much information about your company as possible all in one place. Provided that you decide to work with me on your project, we most definitely will be talking much more about further details. Depending on many variables which will be discovered while entering the form information, it will become evident which fee range your project should fall into.

General Guidelines

Your identity reflects everything your company represents. Its’ personality, the brand message, the core meaning you wish the general public to comprehend.

Please be as thorough as possible with this questionnaire. Any thoughts you have about your corporate message can be addressed here. Your end result will be a far more accurate and appropriate design for your brand if we can be clear with our communication from the beginning.

I have developed successful corporate logos in as quickly as a few days to a week, but this is a rare circumstance. The normal timeframe to budget for an average identity development campaign is approximately 3 to 6 weeks. Quite often much longer than that. The development time incorporates so many different variables that quoting an exact project duration should not be expected. I work quickly and communicate quickly. I do not take on many projects simultaneously so you can expect my full attention to your project. It is a time consuming process which really suffers when rushed. If you require a shorter timeframe, and scheduling allows, I will do everything possible to accommodate your situation. Please understand this will require an additional percentage fee determined by the overall budget.


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Brand Name and Tag Line

If you are at an impass for an appropriate business/brand name, then I can help you develop a name that will compliment the visuals for the identity. Developng a name with the logo design in mind is most effective. These are optional, but chargeable extras.

Please answer both of the following options:

Logo Package Options

Please choose one of the 2 options below:
This option may be appropriate if you already know exactly what you need, and the design is not complex, the logo design brief is clear and no research is necessary. A design may already exist which may need perfecting, or there are visuals demonstrating how the logo needs to look. Please be clear and specific about what is needed (at the bottom of this form). Call or email to discuss if you are not sure.

These price ranges will directly affect the overall result of a logo. This is based on research, conceptual exploration, preparation and time involved. All of which are integral to the devolpment of logo and brand design. A lower budget will determine the less time which can be devoted to this process. This package will ensure that your new identity will be the most effective it can be. I am happy to go over the specifics with you about what to expect for your investment. Please call or email me with your concerns.

Please let me know your timeline for getting the project started. Please note that project duration depends on the complexity of this brief and requirements. Many times I can commence a project immediately, but sometimes a quick turnaround might not be possible. I will let you know my availability right away.

General Questions

Please answer all as completely as possible. The more information you provide, the more accurate I can be with the quote which could save you time & money.

Please let me know how you plan to use the logo, as this determines the overall design, and how versatile the design needs to be.

Check out this keyword "grid" one of my clients provided me with. Scroll down to "The Challenge"

Please list the exact spelling needed for the logo.