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How I Work

Prospective clients will benefit in knowing how I work, and here I provide a very brief overview of a typical identity design process. This process actually applies to most design projects including website development. However, a detailed step-by-step process is unrealistic as every project is different and the process can vary significantly.

The Design Brief

A detailed design brief, compiled from a Q&A session with the client, ensures that no time will be wasted, and that clients receive targeted design options right from the beginning. The brief helps focus attention on the areas that best serve the business in question, producing a result that is both relevant and effective.

Research & Brainstorming

Significant time is devoted to studying the brief, then the research and brainstorming phase commences. At this point I take into consideration the client competition, trends in the marketplace, the uniqueness of the business and how it differs from other similar companies, the company history and future goals, and the current brand (if any) and where it intends to evolve. It is very important that the client provide as much information as possible during the initial communication and design briefing phase.


Sketching ideas in pencil and digitally helps me generate a significant number of possible directions. Most of these "thumbnails" will eventually be made inessential, but the method here is to think loosely and not rule out any concepts in order to achieve the most effective design direction.

Rendering & Prototype Design

I will normally narrow the design focus until I have two to three strong concepts to move forward with. The rendering stage involves taking these concepts and transferring them to Adobe Illustrator and/or Photoshop to create much more refined versions of the concepts.

Review / Creative Presentation / Client Feedback

Design options are supplied as JPG formatted images and presented in a simple web page template for viewing in any web browser. This establishes a global viewing platform which is very efficient and organized, and which also allows for a large compilation of visual concepts to build a "history". The work will be presented using contextual mock-ups and formatted in monotone, helping clients concentrate on shape and form of the identity. Color options are also shown if required, but usually not until the actual logo mark has been established. At this point the client needs to devote time in reviewing the designs and preparing feedback for the refinement phase.

Finishing Touches / Revisions

Following the client review of the initial concepts, the design can either be finalized, or revisions suggested and agreed upon can be produced for a second round of visual refinements. The primary intention is to develop a brand identity that is perfectly appropriate for the respective business, and which will be relevant for many years.

File Creation & Accessibility

Vector artwork is sent via email, or made available for download. Vector files can be scaled to any size without loss of quality, unlike a raster (bitmap) file, which becomes pixelated when enlarged. Specific file requests will be accommodated as required.

Optional Printing

The logos I have developed have been used for a wide variety of purposes — websites, corporate stationery, building signage, vehicle graphics, billboard advertising, embroidered clothing, promotional items, etc.. I utilize many different printers across the U.S. depending on the type of required printing process. Many are highly specialized with the types of printing offered. I have a specific printer for stickers, one for letterpress process, many for traditional offset and digital printing, even a go-to embroiderer. I have excellent relationships with all of them and can produce your project economically, quickly and with the highest quality.

Customer Service

My service doesn’t end once clients' projects are completed. I’m always available to answer design-related questions, offer my opinion on how the design has been applied, to help with print procurement, or offer design assistance in whatever way I can.

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