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These are some thoughts to consider before starting your project…

The following information is intended to help your project flow smoothly from start to finish. In lieu of a face-to-face meeting this communication process will serve as our basis for working together, unless of course we are near enough to each other and we can meet in person if you prefer. You will find that I am easy to work with and will fully immerse myself into making your marketing efforts pay off.

If you would like to discuss your project with me please call @ 1-831-419-2788   You can also submit the [logo design] form if you’d like to give me the specifics first.


Direct voice communication will most likely be required during the project. This will help streamline and expedite the process. Email communication is a given and will help detail the finer points of the project, plus it is crucial for the back and forth process of presenting design comps. I usually provide web based presentations for logo design, for some types of graphic design projects, and always for website development projects. This establishes a very easy method of reference which can be viewed literally from any computer and web browser.


The budget that you determine for your logo development project [from the quote request form] will directly relate to the amount of time which can be devoted to the project. A smaller overall budget will equate to less time that can be allocated for proper identity research and development. I will be happy to discuss this process with you further if necessary.

Deposit Requirements

A deposit payment prior to the project commencement is required. This is standard procedure for first time clients whether domestic or overseas. A typical deposit is approximately 35% of total budget which applies to logo development, web development and most graphic design projects. The remaining payment schedule varies depending on the project, but usually follows in thirds at specific milestones. All payments can be made via PayPal, company check or cashiers check.


I quite often am asked to develop a logo within a very short period of time. Depending on the type of logo that is needed will generally determine the development time frame. If my schedule allows for an expedited project, I will always do whatever I can to accommodate you. However, please keep in mind that rushing a corporate identity project is not recommended. The process needs to progress along very specific guidelines to ensure that the final design is the best possible visual solution for the company or product.